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Lake Chelan from the air

About Skydive Chelan

  • 30+ Years Exp.
  • 20,000+ jumps
  • 30,000+ students
A blue and white helicopter with its door open is in mid-flight, carrying people, near buildings with a hilly background under a cloudy sky.

Skydive with us over beautiful Lake Chelan, Washington’s largest natural lake.

Enjoy a scenic ride to altitude with stunning views of Lake Chelan, the Cascade Mountains, and the Columbia River. Skydive Chelan offers the best views in Washington! Freefall with our expert staff where your safety and experience is our top priority!


  • All Instructors are United States Parachute Association (USPA) Certified Instructors
  • We have a USPA Instructor examiner on site
  • We have two USPA Safety and Training Officers on site
  • We have two FAA certified parachute riggers on site
  • We adhere to all FAA and USPA rules and regulations

Why did we open a Skydive center in Chelan?

A group of people wearing skydiving gear walk towards an aircraft, with a helicopter flying nearby and hills in the background under a clear sky.

Here is our story…

After working in the industry for a combined 30+ years, 16,000 skydives, and obtaining every instructor rating possible from the United States Parachute Association, we decided to start our own Drop Zone (DZ). We wanted to have a skydive center that is a destination. We scoured the US to find a place that would facilitate our dream DZ. It did not take long, turns out it was right here in our beautiful State of Washington at Lake Chelan! Chelan has so much to offer for every person from water sports to wine tasting, skiing to endless hiking trails, paddle boarding to poolside relaxation, and in 2013 we added skydiving to that list!

We feel this is the perfect location for a first jump, second jump, or 10,000th jump! We invite you to come and check out the incredible views! We will always remember our first jump and want to make sure that experience is unforgettable for each person that comes through our door… then jumps out of it! We pride ourselves on customer service and safety! When you jump with us, you become friends with us, not just a customer.

~Todd & Sonya

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