Q: When will I jump?
A: After your paperwork is complete you will receive approximately 20 minutes of ground training and begin your introduction to skydiving. Meanwhile, our office staff will organize your flight number, you may be on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd flight, plan on hanging out for approximately 2-3 hours. We encourage your family and friends to come out and watch your jump. Please keep close watch on your children and keep all pets on leashes because there is a running aircraft nearby.
Q: How fast will I fall?
A: The average speed is 120 mph.
Q: How high will we go?
A:Our tandem jumps are from 7,500 feet to 13,000 feet depending on weather and time of year.
Q: What does it feel like?
A: It’s unlike anything in this world. It is commonly described by first time jumpers as absolutely incredible, surreal, exhilarating, and like nothing they ever could have expected!
Q: What should I wear?
A: You should dress in comfortable, weather appropriate clothing, bring layers, and wear lace-up shoes. No hiking boots, heels, flip flops, or sandals permitted.
Q: What about my Glasses/Contacts?
A: We will supply goggles that can go over glasses if needed. Contacts are fine, just let your instructor know so that your goggles are adjusted appropriately.
Q: What should I do when I arrive?
A: Check in at the front desk, located in our hangar, so you may complete paperwork, pay for your jump, and begin ground training with one of our instructors before your skydive.
Q: Is there an age limit?
A: You must be at least 18 years of age. If you are over the age of 65 you must provide a current doctors note stating you are in good physical health to skydive. Everyone must provide a government-issued photo identification in order to participate in parachuting activities.
Q: Is there a weight limit?
A: The weight limit is 220 lbs. Anyone over 200 lbs must be at least 5’8″ and approved by a tandem instructor. IF YOU ARE OVER 220 lbs, we may be able to make special arrangements please call us at 509-881-0687 & there is an additional charge of $30.
Q: What if I have medical issues?
A: If you have any medical problems, please ask your doctor if skydiving is okay with your conditions. Also, please tell the front desk and your instructor ahead of time any issues you have. If you have any physical or medical issues that we are unsure of, we may require proof from your doctor that it is safe for you to skydive.
Q: Is there a deposit to make a reservation?
A: There is a $50 non-refundable deposit per person to secure your tandem reservation. This deposit is applied towards the total cost of your skydive. Any changes made within 48 hours of your scheduled jump will result in the forfeit of your non-refundable deposit(s) in the form of a no-show fee.
Q: How do I buy a Gift Certificate?
A: Call us directly 509-881-0687 or purchase from our website. Book online or over the phone with your Gift code that will be issued upon purchase. Skydive Chelan is NOT affiliated with any other company for Gift Certificate purchases nor Tandem Skydive Reservations. To make a tandem reservation book directly from our website www.skydivechelan.com/reservations or call us 509-881-0687.
Q: Can we get just one video for all of us?
A: Your instructor and videographer will do their best to include everyone you want in your video, but during freefall we can only film the person who ordered the video or stills.
Q: Can I bring a GoPro or my own camera?
A: Not in the plane nor on the skydive nor under parachute. It is a safety liability. We do provide everyone the option to order video and/or stills of their entire jump experience from their Tandem Skydive Instructor. You must order and pay at the front desk at the time of check-in before class training begins.
Q: Do you have Group Rates?
A: We offer one rate for everyone and go as high as possible for the conditions that day regardless to group size.
Q: Do you have military discount?
A: Yes, please show your military ID and receive $10 off your skydive. Please note only one discount per person may be applied.
Q: Can my friend(s) come and watch?
A: Absolutely! We have a great spectator area, and sell snacks and beverages. Please keep close watch over children at all times, this is an active airport with running aircraft. No pets allowed.
Q: Do you jump in the winter?
A: Please call us directly. Off-season operations and hours vary. Our hours are listed on our Contact Us page and listed at www.facebook.com/SkydiveChelan
Q: Should I tip my instructor?
A: Tips are not required but are greatly appreciated.
Q: What is weather permitting?
A: Call us at 509-881-0687 before leaving to make your skydive appointment. Our office staff will inform you if the weather permits skydiving that day. We need a minimum amount of altitude and proper wind conditions in order to skydive.
Q: What if the weather does not permit skydiving the time of my reservation?
A: If you show up and weather or other conditions do not permit skydiving on the date and time you have selected, you may reschedule your reservation for a later date and time within one year without loosing your non-refundable deposit.

Please call us the day of your scheduled jump to verify that conditions allow jump operations that day. Our staff will make the weather judgments and let you know if re-scheduling is necessary.

Q: May I receive a refund?
A: Refunds for the remaining balance of your skydive, not including the $50 non-refundable deposit, is available only if: it is not a Gift Certificate and our staff has determined the conditions changed in a manner which will not allow us to jump during your scheduled class time due circumstances we determined and explain.



Q: Where do you jump?
A: Skydive Chelan is located in Chelan, Washington at the Chelan Municipal Airport. We jump over Lake Chelan and the Columbia River. Skydive Chelan offers some of the best views in the state of Washington!
Q: How close is Skydive Chelan to Wenatchee?
A: Skydive Chelan is 35 minutes North of Wenatchee.
Q: How close is Skydive Chelan to Spokane?
A: We are located 2hrs and 30 minutes west of Spokane.
Q: Where are you located in relation to Seattle?
A: Skydive Chelan is a 3 hour drive from Seattle.
Q: How far from Yakima is Skydive Chelan?
A: Skydive Chelan is 2 hrs and 30 minutes from Yakima.

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